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Customer Journey Management SaaS Startup Secures $1M Investment from Elevate Capital

Portland, Oregon, October 25, 2023

JourneyTrack has pioneered a customer-first, enterprise-grade SaaS experience management platform that prioritizes the customer experience.

JourneyTrack Founder and CEO Ania Rodriguez is a self-made Latina woman entrepreneur who turns heads and makes the seemingly impossible happen. With decades of experience, Ania and the JourneyTrack team are leading the way in journey management solutions. “Our mission is to humanize the customer experience,” says Ania Rodriguez.

Elevate Capital is proud to be the lead investor with a $1M investment in JourneyTrack,” says Nitin Rai, Elevate Capital Founder and Managing Partner. “As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion fund, Elevate Capital, based in Portland, Oregon, invests in US-based early-stage startups of diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs–95% of our portfolio companies are led by diverse founders, including 75% in women. Being a former UX engineer, I understood the problem Ania and JourneyTrack were solving when I met her earlier this year. The business makes sense, but she was challenged to find a lead investor. This is where we shine as a fund. We stepped in to lead. Our investment in JourneyTrack will be our first investment in Miami, Florida. We expect to invest more in diverse founders in this growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the future.”

As a UX/CX strategist and researcher, Rodriguez has always aimed for quality and impact in her work. She founded Key Lime Interactive, a user experience research and strategy consultancy that has achieved remarkable growth and recognition in the US market over the last 14 years. Through her experience serving Fortune 1000 clients, she realized the importance of having a tool that could support her vision of effectively managing customer journeys for enterprises. JourneyTrack is the platform that fulfills that need.


“VC funding for Latina-founded startups has historically been incredibly low, so I am deeply honored to have found investors like Elevate Capital who not only believe in the merits of JourneyTrack but are also truly committed to changing the challenging reality faced by minority female founders. As we look to the journey ahead, I am excited about the possibilities this newfound support will bring, particularly in accelerating our product roadmap and scaling the business.”  

In addition to the investment from Elevate Capital, JourneyTrack also received a $500,000 investment through DeepWork Capital, an Orlando, Florida-based early-stage fund and investment manager that also invests in diverse founders through the Florida Opportunity Fund.


About JourneyTrack: JourneyTrack is an enterprise-grade SaaS experience management platform enabling organizations to understand, optimize, and prioritize their customer experience. Brands struggle to deliver the seamless journeys consumers demand across physical and digital channels, geographies, demographics, and more. JourneyTrack allows them to create, govern, and democratize personas and end-to-end customer journeys across the organization, harnessing actionable insights and benchmarking improvements over time to deliver ideal customer experiences - globally. This cloud-based collaboration suite is designed to handle the complexities and needs of enterprise-level teams. Learn more at and follow Ania Rodriguez on LinkedIn


About Elevate Capital: Elevate Capital is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focused fund that invests in US-based early-stage startups led by underrepresented entrepreneurs, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and veterans. Since 2016, Elevate Capital has invested nearly $50 Million in 59 startups, of which more than 95% are led by diverse founders, including 75% in women, 67% in BIPOC and 10% in LGBTQ+ founders. Elevate Capital Fund I has outperformed VC industry benchmarks. In addition, Elevate Capital has invested in 29 companies across Innovation Gap Funds I and II; investments from the Innovation Gap Funds  cover Oregon’s target traded-sector industries, emphasizing healthcare, life sciences, cleantech and sustainability, and natural resources. Visit or follow Elevate Capital on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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