About Us

We humanize the customer experience

We created JourneyTrack to help everyone understand each other better.

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Our mission

Be the customer experience management platform of choice for enterprises globally so they can create irresistible experiences for their customers and recapture any revenue that was lost to bad CX.

Driven by human-centric values

Pave the way

Be a pioneer.

Look two turns ahead

Be a connector.

Grit and grace

Be tenacious.

Carry momentum

Have impact.

Be you, be true

Have integrity and be authentic.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Founder/CEO is a Latina woman, and our commitment to diversity spans from our people to our product.

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Say hello to our team!

Renowned experts in journey mapping, CX/UX research and strategy, and trailblazing leadership.

Founder & CEO

Ania Rodriguez

Ania is a self-made entrepreneur who has made a name for herself, serving as a CX/UX advisor to Fortune 500 companies around the world for over two decades. Known for her focus on actionable results and quality, Ania’s leadership has resulted in double-digit growth for her first company, Key Lime Interactive, over the past decade. The company has emerged to become one of the leading user experience research firms in the United States. Her work as a CX/UX strategist and researcher demonstrated to her the need for a platform that could take her journey mapping vision to the next level. JourneyTrack is the tool that meets that vision.

Claudia Panfil

A global brand builder and strategic marketer, Claudia creates brands customers love. She is also a certified mentor for startups. Former marketing executive at Norwegian Cruise Line, Ryder System, and DHL Express.
Director of Product

Christin Bowman, PhD

A former university lecturer, research fellow,  research psychologist and published author, Dr. Christin has leveraged her collective knowledge about the human psyche into building this technology platform that helps brands create irresistible customer experiences.

John Giannitsis

A deeply experienced B2B sales leader, John is known for delivering customer value, driving profitable growth, and building high performance teams at blue chip companies like IBM, KeyNote, and Computer Associates, as well as fast-tracking startups.

Our culture

Our diverse and experienced team changes the status quo by looking two turns ahead and making the seemingly impossible, simply happen.

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We encourage a growth mindset

We enable everyone to take full ownership of their work and cultivate continuous learning and development opportunities.

We are flexible and open minded

Work from office or the comfort of your home, we don't mind. Do show us your pet, though.

We take our work seriously, not ourselves

We work together as a dynamic team aiming for a common goal, fostering a professional yet relaxed vibe that breeds success.

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