Only JourneyTrack lets you tailor workshops to your liking directly on the platform, guaranteeing that every idea is documented and the right ones are effortlessly converted into journey maps with just one click, saving time and money. 

JourneyTrack sample of Workshop

Active participation for all stakeholders

Gather a wide range of stakeholders for engaging workshops and appoint moderators to guarantee a seamless and effective session.

Diverse group in business casual attire sitting in conference room collaborating on laptops

1-click journey maps

Easily convert your workshop findings into practical journey maps with a simple click, giving you the power to vote on the ideas that matter most. This efficient process saves you valuable time, money, and resources.

JourneyTrack sample of 1-click journey maps

Affinity mapping

Easily organize and categorize ideas and insights with the help of color coding, and leverage our voting feature to rank ideas for integration into the journey map.

JourneyTrack sample of workshop affinity mapping

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