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Understand, track, optimize, and prioritize the customer experience.

Accelerate designing living & actionable journey maps to create meaningful impact on your customer experience

  • One-click journey map creation from workshops

  • Qualtrics integration & easy imports 

  • Build journey maps using our customizable lane types with drag and drop functionality to meet any need

  • Multiple views of your maps

  • Connect your journeys together

  • Opportunity scoring to visualize and prioritize next steps

  • Recommendations & action planning

  • Tools to manage your deliverables

  • Beautiful Exports

  • Jira Integration

Persona creation that is accessible and actionable for all stakeholders

  • Global personas

  • Customizable cards with suggestions to get you started

  • Photos, quotes, & background

  • Robust demographics

  • Meters & sliders

  • Lists

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) panel to assess representation

  • Presentation-ready exports

Workshops held within the tool to create resulting journey maps with the click of just one button saving time, money, and resources

  • Unlimited participants - users and guests

  • Moderator functionality

  • Customizable workshop templates or create your own

  • Affinity mapping and voting

  • Easy designation to determine which ideas to include in the journey map

  • One click to create the journey map from the workshop

  • All ideas remain archived in the workshop module

Collaboration and administration features make is easy to democratize journeys and govern related processes

  • Map of Maps function provides global view of all projects, journeys, and related action plans

  • Customizable password protected links for sharing internally and externally

  • Soc2Type2 Certification

  • Global search across all projects

  • View team members working in real-time and interact with them via comments and tagging

  • Tiered administrative access

  • Edit & view modes

  • Separate work spaces

  • Onboarding support

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