Accessible and actionable persona creation for all stakeholders.

JourneyTrack sample Persona screen

Persona creation

Create, modify, and share personas in real time. Use our handy templates to get you started quickly. Customize photos, quotes, and background, use meters and sliders for attributes, and export presentation-ready personas.

JourneyTrack sample of Personas creation

Global personas

Master persona management across your entire organization. Craft personas tailored to a specific journey or department or establish global personas that stakeholders can utilize company-wide.

JourneyTrack sample of Personas overview

Diverse, equitable, and inclusive

Identify and address biases by comparing your customer base with US Census data or a dataset of your choice. Discover areas for improvement in age, race, education, income representation, and more using our DEI feature.

JourneyTrack sample of DEI and segmentation

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