Collaborate with your team in real-time and democratize CX across your organization.

Diverse group in business casual attire sitting in conference room collaborating on laptops

Real-time collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate in real-time and engage with teams through comments and tagging.

JourneyTrack sample of real-time collaboration and chat

Engage all stakeholders

Conduct workshops in JourneyTrack with unlimited stakeholders and designate moderators to guarantee seamless and productive sessions. Then create your journey map with one click.

JourneyTrack sample changing credit card account info

Jira integration

Quickly create Jira tickets for your engineering team and have visibility of development in the context of your customer journeys.

JourneyTrack sample of JIRA integration

Affinity mapping

Utilize the voting feature and affinity mapping in the workshop to quickly gain consensus and buy-in across teams.

JourneyTrack sample of workshop affinity mapping

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