Our mission is to humanize the customer experience

We are a diverse and experienced team that dreams big

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Renowned experts in journey mapping and UX research


  • We have decades of experience with journey mapping and UX research, trailblazing leadership, and PhD-level expertise.

Created by researchers for researchers


  • We know what researchers need, because we’re researchers ourselves.

Diversity and inclusion are baked right in


  • Our Founder/CEO and Co-founder are Latina women, and our commitment to diversity spans from our people to our product.

Meet the Leaders



Ania Rodriguez

Ania is a self-made entrepreneur, who has made a name for herself serving as a user experience advisor to Fortune 500 companies around the world for nearly the past two decades. Known for her focus on actionable results and quality, Ania’s leadership has resulted in double-digit growth for her first company, Key Lime Interactive, over the past decade and the company has emerged to become one of the leading user experience research firms in the United States. Her work as a UX/CS strategist and researcher demonstrated to her the need for a platform that could take her journey mapping vision to the next level. JourneyTrack is the tool that meets that vision.


Co-Founder & CTO

Carol Hindsman

Carol is a results-driven, problem solving engineer and technology expert.  A native of Venezuela, who arrived in the US as a teenager, quickly realized that the US provided opportunities to those who are willing to work hard and dare to dream big.  With degrees in Electrical Engineering, a Masters in Computer Engineering and an MBA, Carol has gained her experience working with startups, mid-size firms and fortune 500 companies.  Throughout her technical career, she has come to believe that a diverse work culture provides an array of benefits to companies and projects.  As a strategic leader, she uses multiple tools and proven methodologies to increase performance and resource alignments to yield increased revenues and profitability.